vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Thinking in mind

Authenticity includes tasks, activity or work that is associated with a result or outcome that has clear meaning and value to the student.

The starting point of inquiry-based learning in an authentic learning task where students are engaged in work that is worthy of their time and attention, is personally relevant and deeply connected to the world in which they live. The development of authentic learning tasks for students means situating the learning in places ( think: topics, topos, topographies) where curriculum outcomes are brought to life with real world connections and stories.

Guiding Questions for Authenticity:

Where does this topic live in the world?
What are some of the current questions that experts are wrestling with in this area?
What will students find relevant about this topic?
Why would someone care about this topic?
What are the ways that experts in this field do their work?
What counts as evidence or proof within this topic?
How might students access or create authentic sources of data on this topic?
Where will students have the opportunity to solve problems, create solutions, test ideas, recognize patterns, innovate, build or design?