zondag 22 februari 2015

Cognitive Test Anxiety Scale

A. Not at all typical of me

B. Only somewhat typical of me
C. Quite typical of me

D. Very typical of me

1. I lose sleep over worrying about examinations.

2. While taking an important examination, I find myself wondering whether the other students are doing better than I am.

3. I have less difficulty than the average college student in getting test instructions straight.

4. I tend to freeze up on things like intelligence tests and final exams.

5. I am less nervous about tests than the average college student.

6. During tests, I find myself thinking of the consequences of failing.

7. At the beginning of a test, I am so nervous that I often can’t think straight.

8. The prospect of taking a test in one of my courses would not cause me to worry.

9. I am more calm in test situations than the average college student.

10. I have less difficulty than the average college student in learning assigned chapters in textbooks.

11. My mind goes blank when I am pressured for an answer on a test.

12. During tests, the thought frequently occurs to me that I may not be too bright.

13. I do well in speed tests in which there are time limits.

14. During a course examination, I get so nervous that I forget facts I really know.

15. After taking a test, I feel I could have done better than I actually did.

16. I worry more about doing well on tests than I should.

17. Before taking a test, I feel confident and relaxed.

18. While taking a test, I feel confident and relaxed.

19. During tests, I have the feeling that I am not doing well.

20. When I take a test that is difficult, I feel defeated before I even start.

21. Finding unexpected questions on a test causes me to feel challenged rather than panicky.

22. I am a poor test taker in the sense that my performance on a test does not show how much I  really know about a topic.

23. I am not good at taking tests.

24. When I first get my copy of a test, it takes me a while to calm down to the point where I can begin to think straight.

25. I feel under a lot of pressure to get good grades on tests.

26. I do not perform well on tests.

27. When I take a test, my nervousness causes me to make careless errors.